Sunday, December 9, 2012

{I'm Back} Post NaNo Update

Hahahahahah! OMG - I can't believe I actually thought I could keep up with the blog, the other blog, the kid, the other kid, the husband, the house, the sports, the BOOK, all in November. 


No, I really don't have any idea what I was thinking. I tried though, as is apparent by the 2 or 3 blog posts I did about NaNo while it was happening. I call that an almost win, definitely not a failure. Right? 

Whatever, I'm counting it as a not failure. Even if you don't.

So I bet you're all wondering if I managed to complete NaNoWriMo this year? Well I am very please to say that I did in fact write 50K words in 29 days. I missed probably 5 days of writing altogether between being sick or holidays and such. By the end my head throbbed, my eyes burned and my creative well had run dry.

Will I do NaNo next year? Mmmmm, more than likely. I work well on dead lines, even arbitrary ones that hold no consequence if I fail them. 

What's next for me? Well I'm taking some time off to read. Important part of being a writer is also reading. Plus I spent a whole month in my crazy messed up little fictional world, now it's time for me to visit someone else's!! In January I will start to polish the turd I am calling my book, for now titled "Beautiful Disaster" after a good friends tattoo. It fits - but may not stick as it feels a little Kami Garcia.

After a few books, I will get back to writing. My book technically hasn't ended yet. I just hit 50K and wen't I'M OUT! because I needed a break. I'm will try to keep you updated on my mad writing skills and any other fun things I do, but until then you can always check out my book blog, Me, My Shelf and I

xoxo Amber