Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012 {Day 1}


Here it goes. NaNo 2012. 

I have made the decision and found the time (read: forced it into my life while sacrificing other things that I should be doing) to make it happen this year. NaNo is hard people. Boy do I know it. I tried last year and got about 10K in before the kids demanded every second of my time, and the house went to total shit and my husband felt neglected. Oh and the blog, the blog needed every second I could give it just to keep my head above water...

But this year - THIS YEAR, I will be writing after the kids are in bed...every night! Luckily one goes to bed at 7PM so that gives me tons of time in the evening  And I'll also be writing at the coffee shop while 3 (name for my 3 year old) is in pre school on Monday's and Wednesday's. Husband and I have split more responsibility around the house. This really just means he's agreed to wear dirty clothes to work occasionally and eat spaghetti & sandwiches at least 50% of this month. Isn't he sweet? 

The blog is going to be the tricky part...for those of you not aware, I own and run Me My Shelf and I book blog. We're pretty awesome, you should go take a look when you have some time. Not right now though because I'm talking and that would just be rude. 

It takes a lot to run a blog, I have 6 bloggers total but all have their own life so I can't just hand it over. Trust me, I tried that avenue... I've simply forced myself to come to terms with the fact it's either the blog or the book, so MMSAI will be fairly empty of reviews this month. It might send me into sobbing fits, but I figure writing my book will be doing that to me as well, so may as well cry about everything at once. Saves time. 

So, what have I been doing today, day one of NaNo, while I wait for my time to come around this evening when I can finally write? And why do I have time to write this post and not my book? Very astute questions class. 

Well the simple answer to the first question can be answered with two words: Pinterest & Tumblr. My kryptonite. Hey! It's not all been in vain! I have made a NaNoWriMo Pinterest board (which you should totally go follow!) and found some really great "You Should Be Writing" motivational posters on Tumblr....

And the answer to the latter questions is posts are much easier to write with a toddler in the background, than a scene from my novel is. A bit faster too. For instance she's eating lunch (and by lunch I mean she's disassembled her sandwich to eat the ham) as I write this... hurriedly. 

I'm going to try to track my ups and downs, my coffee filled long nights that turn into early mornings. My plot holes and achievements here...maybe not daily, but an effort to make me feel like I'm not wasting time away that I could be using writing, I'll share many of the fun photos, quote, quips and other things like it that I come across out there on the interwebs. 

Are you doing NaNo this year? Let's be buddies! I'm MyShelfAndI on Good luck to all of you NaNo-ing!!

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