Friday, November 2, 2012


So....the goal according to the NaNo site for day one was 1667 (or something like that, I'm far, far too lazy to look it up...) 

My total for the night was 6,000 words. 

Now, don't get all's what went down....I wrote in a few sprints with my writing partner for life a.ka. WPFL, Charlie (@iCharlieYA), seriously - he's awesome, no you can't have him *smacks hand away* I SAID NO! MINE!  And through the sprints I managed to get a lot of dialogue out between my main characters.

Slow down Amber, WTFrick is a "sprint"? Geeze, you non-writerly folk are going to push me over the edge, you know that? A Sprint is a amount of time you write with in, see how many words you can get out, in say an half hour. I have also seen this called "Word Mongering" and "WriteOrDie" It's not how I normally write but NaNo has a time frame so sometimes (like last night) they work great. 

Okay, looping back to to where I was before I had to stop and explain things to you....after I sprinted a few times, I hit a road block. And Charlie had to go to bed as it was like 3 am where he lives, plus his boyfriend was getting a little whiny. (Don't judge boyfriend on that was 3 am after all - you're not a peach at that hour either!)  So I decided that I would jump ahead and write out the main ideas for scenes I knew I wanted/needed in the coming chapters. Apparently this worked well because with out knowing it I went from about 1000 words to 6K before I went to bed! In like 2 hours! 

Okay maybe this is a little bit of an accomplishment that i'm letting on. I don't want to get too excited about this word count because it is not going to happen again this month. That's not me being down on myself, that's me being realistic. 

Things I have learned about my book since I started. 
1: It sucks. (of course it does, it's only 6K words long?)
B: My Characters talk too much (hahaha funny, you know do  I?)
4: I have my "big moments set" but everything in between terrifies me to no end.

Day 2, here I come. 

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Mary De Bastos said...

my character's talk too much too! Way too much dialogue. I don't know how to write all the stuff in between. Ugh. So, my novel sucks too. My total is 6,163 so far. Hoping I actually do it this whole month! Good luck!

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